Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lamborgini Gallardo Supereleggera

If you tot that the standard Lamborghini Gallardo was a monster then what is the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera? The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is what you get after putting the standard Lamborghini Gallardo on a diet and give it some vitamins. The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera wais 100 kg less then the stock Gallardo and has an additional of 10 hp. The diet consists of changing the mirrors, the engine cover, the door panels, the tunnel`s covering with carbon fiber.

The car is powered by a v10 engine witch develops 530 hp and the weight/power ratio is 2.5 kg/hp making the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera reach 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds(the standard Gallardo does 0-60 in 5.8 seconds). The car can be fitted with some extras on purchase some of witch are 4 point seatbelt, rear video camera for making parking easier and carbon-ceramic brakes.

Mobile Solar Charger

We can always dream of never ending batteries, but till then there is another useful gadget that lets us recharge our cell phone, mp3 player, video camera with the power of the sun. The Mobile Solar Charger was designed to help you recharge your batteries with the power of the sun when available or with the help of a car adaptor you can recharge your cell phone or mp3 player from the car. We can all see the benefits of it on a road trip or when camping, but how practical is it? How fast can it actually recharge our cell phone is not yet known.

Waterproof Audio Player From JVC

JVC launched the “latest” audio player with the code name XA-AW33-W. I believe JVC. The features of this digital audio player are amazing:

It is waterproof and can float on water, just like a rubber ducky that can sing any song you want it to. The water resistance of this player is very high: 30 minutes under 1 meter deep water. Music files can be transferred by USB. Works with 4AA batteries (that means that
there is no way you’ll die of electrocution).

The JVC digital audio player can play MP3, WMA and also WMA-DRM formats. The
memory for this player is 256MB of memory.

The Little ''MatchBook'' -Epoq

Another gorgeous by Epoq: just a little larger than a usual matchbook, this player has a 2,4″ QVGA LCD, 1 or 2 GB onboard memory, MiniSD slot and a pretty fast processor that can play AVIs at 25 frames/second. It even has an integrated speaker!
The features that this matchbook has are: 1 or 2 GB internal memory, MiniSD card, anti-scratch 320×240 LCD, a RockChip Processor, a built-in speaker and even FM radio( with up to 40 presets). Also, it sports sound/voice recorder and image viewer and e-book reader. The formats it supports are mp1, mp2, mp3, avi, bmp,wma, jpg and txt.

It has an integrate lithium battery that can be charged and an AC charger. It lasts for 3 hours of video or 8 hours of music. It can be bought at for 99,95$ (1GB) or 139,95$(2GB).

The Intruder:Cellphone Design

The latest cell phone designed by Dennis Hopkins, “The Intruder” has a concept which some people can relate to a UFO, actually influences from that field is mentioned on his website to. But without the outer space resembling this cell phones design is pretty much targeted at women.

Its diameter is of only 2.5 inches and when closed it is just one third of an inch thick. When opened it measures 5 inches in length and the display holds 220 x 176 pixels. And last but not least, when someone calls you a ring of light appears from the sides of the phone.

The website of Dennis Hopkins doesn’t let you in to all the technology used so for now we just have to say good luck to women that now have at their disposal a phone looking like a powder compact.

Antelop Audio Isochrone

How would you like to have the most accurate watch in the world? Don’t get scared about the fact that it is an atomic watch and the radiations are only a few inches from you, they won’t affect you. No, seriously! Just imagine, the Antelope Audio Isochrome M10 is 100,000 more accurate then you current quartz based watch.

The fact that is accuracy is almost close to perfect ensures a great quality in the digital sound and the video images because of their need to be synchronised.

So if you want a perfectly accurate time telling, close to perfect audio video you should buy the Antelope Audio Isochrome. Although you may find the price to be a bit high, I would say that 2200$ are money well spent for the quality this device provides you with.

Slimmest LCD

Like the LCD televisions weren’t already thin enough, the guys at C|NET decided to out do themselves and designed the slimmest LCD-screen television that is on the market at this point. It is 10 inches thick and has a 58-inch JVC HD-58S998.

It seems though that this catwalk thin television has a problem with displaying perfectly straight vertical or horizontal lines, but if you aren’t blessed with eagle sight and you don’t have obsessive-compulsive syndrome, I don’t quite see why should you would be bothered by that.

Not to mention that according to C|NET, this devices creators, the price would be as shocking as the thickness of the television, meaning slim as it. Well, we don’t have the price yet, but still, f you want a DLP set that is close to perfection and you don’t want to your pockets to be as thin as the TV you buy, you should really consider taking a look at this

Brain Trainer,A Hand Held Game For Your Brain

Well, nowadays everyone is going to the gym, everybody works out, everybody wants to build up muscles. But what about the brain? Doesn’t it feel a little left behind? Well, not anymore because thanks to the new Brain Trainer your brain will keep in shape.

The new Brain Trainer is a hand held game, created to insure the growth of your brainpower. The games with which he is equipped activate your frontal cortex, the part of your brain that is responsible with you creativity, memory and communication.

Devised by a Japanese neuroscientist, this gadget contains a series of games in which you have to count, add, subtract and many more other things, and all things that you do, you have to do as fast as you can. Besides battling against the computer you can also battle against yourself through the timing of your each session and trying to decrease the period of time through which you finish the game. So if you ever find like your loosing brain power just hook up your Brain Trainer with a couple of triple A batteries and start working on it.

E-Book Reader By Amazon

Isn’t it a bit annoying reading a book online? I mean, firstly, you don’t have the actual feeling of holding a real book in your hands, not to mention that your eyes get more tired then they normally would have. Well, now you can forget all about that because from now on Amazon has released their E-Book reader.

The release of this device by Amazon is a very good approach to the market, having in view that this company is one of the largest book selling ones over the Internet. So this move is a sure strengthener for their business.

The Mobipocket software with which the gadget is equipped with provides the owner to directly download from the Internet to the reader, thus saving precious time and giving the book-lover the chance to actually hold something real in their hand when entering the fantasy world of books
The expected price for the public would be around 400$ but the cost cost for the continuous Internet access is unpredictable so on the whole this gadget could come to a fairly high cost.

Driv n Car Computer

Well, now you can feel both as cozy as at home, and as active as in your office with the new Driv-N car computer. It can entertain you by playing MP3s or audio CDs, you can watch movies on the DVD player, you have XM online satellite radio, Internet radio, you can browse the Internet and at the same time remain connected to your home or office PC.

I guess that beats having to do acrobatic moves while writing something in your agenda that’s unsteadily placed on the passengers seat. And latest and greatest of all, the Driv-n can be totally voice controlled. And thanks to the permanent connection to your home or office PC you can access files from either one of the computers, you just have to speak their names.

The Driv-N can be set up either under the seat or in the trunk. Its framework is made solid aluminum and it has a multitude of touch screen options. The radio slides down to leave room for the DVD player. It can be set up either on the roof or on the headrest. A really important attribute of this already close to perfect device is that it survives crashes and when you turn off your car it shuts down properly making sure your data stays safe.

iPod Vibrator,.ohMyBod

This is an appeal to all girls out there. Pleasure has met music in more ways then you can think of. The OhMyBod guys have designed the new iPod vibrator. The device vibrates in the rhythm of the song you listen to so you actually well feel the beat.

It is multi speed so that you don’t have to worry if you ran out of music. It is equipped with a universal headphone connector and a 3 feet long cord. It comes with a velvet pouch to keep it in when you’re not using it and you get an invitation to share your favorite tunes on Club Vibe on the iTunes iMix section.

B20.IRiver's mini DMB television

IRiver has just announced the release of the all-new mini DMB television, the B20. It is equipped with 4 GB of flash memory which you can expand through the miniSD memory card slot. It has a 2.4-inch LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels and a range of colors of 260k. It also has a FM tuner that can be used also as a voice recorder. It supports MPEG-4, OGG, MP3, WMA, WMV9 formats and you can also view JPEG images on it. The battery holds for 26 hours of MP3 playback, 5 hours of videos and 4 hours of DMB TV. The price is set at 267$ for the 4 GB version and 213$ for the 2GB one.

DCX725 by Benq

Benq amazes us once again with the launch of the new compact classy digital camera. The DC X725 is as small as 12.5 millimeters, and the material from which it is made of is steel, so it is stainless and more resistant. It comes in four different colors, black, red silver, or pearl. It has a 1/2.5 CCD and can go up to 3x optical zoom. The ISO sensitivity can go up to 1600 on photos and 4000 on videos. You can also increase the memory, as it has an SD/SDHC memory card support. The range of mega pixels is, for the time being, unknown, but we can assume it has more then the previous release of Benq that had 7.2. We also have no information regarding the price.

S3000,A6000,M8000 Pavillion Slimline by HP

Three new models of desktop PC series have been launched into the market by HP. The three models of the Pavilion Slimline series are s3000, a6000 and m8000. The first one comes with 1GB of RAM, and you can pick either a AMD CPU or an Intel CPU, but for the later you have to pay an extra 50$. If not you can buy it for 500$. The PC can be set with a low graphic card, maybe a TV tuner and a Pocket Media Drive.

You can buy the a6000 at a lower price then the s3000. It’s just 330$ but you would be throwing off some memory because it has only 512 MB of RAM. But the bright side is that it comes with an Intel CPU, a Pocket Media Drive and a graphics card. But the “jewel of the crown” is the m8000. And the price says so to. At 950$ it has a DVD drive and again you can pick between a dual core AMD or Intel processor. All three models have Windows Vista preinstalled.

Flyclear card


All of us who have been on a plane know about how long you have to wait before you can board because of the annoyingly thorough check-ups you have to pass before you can go on your trip. But from now on you can leave all those controls behind thanks to the new Flyclear card. And it only costs $99.95 a year and the fee for TSA of $28.

To get one, you have to go to a Clear center and present two official identification cards. Then you have to take a photo and give them your biometric information. They suggest that you should have a US passport, but foreign people are welcomed to.

So now you can eliminate the stress from your plane trips, not worry about those hidden pierces and miss a lot less planes. The Flyclear has already been put into function but for very few airports like Orlando, San Jose and JFK and the service is not available all day long. But there are plans to expand this technology.

Lenovo's IdeaPad U8 makes official Olympics debut

Well, there it is, the Lenovo IdeaPad U8 launched official at the Beijing games just as we expected. With the launch come the final specs for this Asia-only MID we've seen incubating now for months: 4.8-inch touchscreen; the latest, sub-3 watt processor from Intel (uh hem, that'd be a Silverthorn-class Atom); 350-grams and 21 x 173 x 84-mm; up to 2GB memory and 6GB flash storage; dual-cameras; support for China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting (CMMB) digital television via that protruding USB dongle; and 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, EDGE data and China-specific TD-SCDMA 3G, presumably. Expect to see it trotted out tomorrow as Intel's San Francisco IDF gets underway -- with any luck, it'll be sporting WiMAX for a North American / European release.


Designed by engineers, the S7’s engine and drivetrain incorporate the latest in modern racing technology. The new all-aluminum V8 engine casting was engineered and tooled by Saleen to displace seven liters. Redline is 6500 rpm. Space age materials and engineering are used throughout, including stainless steel valves, titanium retainers, beryllium exhaust valve seats, an aluminum throttle body, Saleendesigned aluminum CNC-machined cylinder heads and stainless steel exhaust system. An exclusive Saleen-designed Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) system results in an extremely compact engine, allowing for better packaging and overall weight distribution. The V8 incorporates a unique Saleen-designed side-mounted water pump, a belt-driven camshaft drive and a Saleen-engineered dry sump oil delivery system. The engine’s mid-chassis placement optimizes weight distribution and center of gravity, making room for an unusually tall engine that allows for a very efficient induction system. Air enters a roof intake, passes through a 90-mm mass air meter and feeds into a carbon fiber plenum. From the plenum the air is routed to the twin ball bearing turbos, is pressurized to 5.5 psi max and then passes through an oval-bore throttle body into an aluminum intake manifold with eight individual runners.


The 19th-century American social arbiter, Ward McAllister, the man who originated the concept of defining elite groups by the numeral 400, once said, “A man with a million dollars can be as happy nowadays as though he were rich.”
These days, however, for those looking to dabble in the world of ultra-expensive cars, a million doesn’t go as far as it used to. In fact, if one bought the awesomely fast, incredibly sexy Saleen S7 Twin Turbo in Europe for $670,000, the change from that million would just about pay for gas and insurance.
Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
Country of Origin: United States
Price in U.S.: $555,000
Budweiser says it’s the “King of Beers.” The Saleen S7 has earned the right to call itself the “King of Cars.” It is the world’s fastest and most expensive automobile.

Entry Filed under: Most expensiveThe 19th-century American social arbiter, Ward McAllister, the man who originated the concept of defining elite groups by the numeral 400, once said, “A man with a million dollars can be as happy nowadays as though he were rich.”
These days, however, for those looking to dabble in the world of ultra-expensive cars, a million doesn’t go as far as it used to. In fact, if one bought the awesomely fast, incredibly sexy Saleen S7 Twin Turbo in Europe for $670,000, the change from that million would just about pay for gas and insurance.
Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
Country of Origin: United States
Price in U.S.: $555,000
Budweiser says it’s the “King of Beers.” The Saleen S7 has earned the right to call itself the “King of Cars.” It is the world’s fastest and most expensive automobile

The Flying 19XRW Hoverwing Hovercraft - $5,200

Bored of living the high-life? Then take your cronies along for the ride in this truly unique machine. The UH-19XRW Hoverwing from Universal Hovercraft is a unique hovercraft with wings that allow it to fly up to an altitude of six feet above the earth’s surface. This “ground-effect” enables you to clear obstacles and fly over rough water for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Operating in ground-effect does not require a pilot’s license, and the craft is normally registered as a boat in most areas.

With it’s wings removed, the Hoverwing is a sleek, high performance hovercraft, able to carry 4 to 6 passengers into brand new areas that can’t be reached with any other vehicle. The Hoverwing can be configured in many different ways to accommodate passengers or equipment needs.