Sunday, November 30, 2008

E-Book Reader By Amazon

Isn’t it a bit annoying reading a book online? I mean, firstly, you don’t have the actual feeling of holding a real book in your hands, not to mention that your eyes get more tired then they normally would have. Well, now you can forget all about that because from now on Amazon has released their E-Book reader.

The release of this device by Amazon is a very good approach to the market, having in view that this company is one of the largest book selling ones over the Internet. So this move is a sure strengthener for their business.

The Mobipocket software with which the gadget is equipped with provides the owner to directly download from the Internet to the reader, thus saving precious time and giving the book-lover the chance to actually hold something real in their hand when entering the fantasy world of books
The expected price for the public would be around 400$ but the cost cost for the continuous Internet access is unpredictable so on the whole this gadget could come to a fairly high cost.

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