Sunday, November 30, 2008

Slimmest LCD

Like the LCD televisions weren’t already thin enough, the guys at C|NET decided to out do themselves and designed the slimmest LCD-screen television that is on the market at this point. It is 10 inches thick and has a 58-inch JVC HD-58S998.

It seems though that this catwalk thin television has a problem with displaying perfectly straight vertical or horizontal lines, but if you aren’t blessed with eagle sight and you don’t have obsessive-compulsive syndrome, I don’t quite see why should you would be bothered by that.

Not to mention that according to C|NET, this devices creators, the price would be as shocking as the thickness of the television, meaning slim as it. Well, we don’t have the price yet, but still, f you want a DLP set that is close to perfection and you don’t want to your pockets to be as thin as the TV you buy, you should really consider taking a look at this

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