Friday, November 6, 2009

New firefox plugin lets you "dislike"stories in face book.

We all have friends that post offensive, annoying or abusive comments and sadly Facebook doesn’t allow you to “dislike” a comment or any other stuff. All you can do is block/hide that person from your feed which is obviously not a good solution. There is a vast majority of  users that want Facebook to implement a “Dislike” button to allow them to show their disapproval but unfortunately for those users it is highly unlikely that facebook will ever add such a button.
Well, we just found out the next best thing to an actual “Dislike” button,the Facebook Dislike Firefox plugin. After you install the plugin you will notice a “Dislike” button on every item on your news feed placed in between the “Like” and “Similar posts” button. As per our current observation your friends will only be able to see that you have disliked a post if they have the plugin installed too which is bit of a problem at the moment as there have only been 1200 downloads of this plugin and not a lot of users are aware of this  yet. We expect this number to grow massively in the coming days and weeks keeping in view the recently growing demand of such a button by the users.

A preview of "Dislike" button using firefox plugin
A preview of "Dislike" button using firefox plugin
The plugin is working perfectly and you can it  download it here. Just make sure not to misuse it or you might get your friend list cut short and you certainly don’t want that. Do you think it would be be a good addition to facebook if they make it official ? We are looking forward to your response.