Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The DUO Turns your Laptop into a Tablet PC

The DUO is the perfect gadget for those who want a Tablet PC, but don’t really want to pay for it.

You can write or draw directly on the screen marking up documents or webpages on your desktop. Combining ultrasonic waves and infrared rays, the Duo instantly turns an ordinary laptop into a tablet.  It easily installs via USB and its included software will take your computer to new heights. You can draw shapes, and you can use the included pen to write on paper and have the image appear on the DUO’s NoteTaker Software.  Compatible with monitors, 17″ laptops, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Tablet software. Lastly  it recognizes multiple languages.  The DUO retails for $119.95.

Nokia N900 Vs iPhone 3GS

Nokia has its latest smartphone experiment out in the form of the Maemo powered N900. We call it an experiment as Nokia is still promoting N97 over this wonderful gadget. Yes I certainly believe that the N900 is the best smartphone that Nokia has produced till date and no matter what comparisions say, the N900 comes real close to beating the iPhone 3GS, in some ways it does. The same old issue with the Nokia is the weight and the usability. iPhone scores there.
N900 weighs 181gms and has a large thick structure, which isn’t the best for mobility. The good with the N900 is the strong OS + openness that the iPhone lacks, good browser and the physical qwerty (though Nokia screws up the spacebar again). One impressive thing the N900 has is the 600MHz processor and 256MB ram. This is one area where Nokia has been a miser since ages, however they give good backing to N900 which runs a desktop grade OS. Is this enough? Will the 768MB virtual memory help? Not sure, but the videos we saw looked impressive.
The camera and video recording specs of the N900 might be better but the iPhone scores with better usability and web integration. However a 32GB smartphone with a strong OS for $650 is certainly good. The N900 is IMO the best from Nokia yet, but only time will tell how well it does against the iPhone 3GS. The App Store and slick UI of the iPhone is hard to beat. But Nokia vs iPhone doesn’t end here…
Maemo powered N900 from Nokia
Maemo powered N900 from Nokia

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