Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brain Trainer,A Hand Held Game For Your Brain

Well, nowadays everyone is going to the gym, everybody works out, everybody wants to build up muscles. But what about the brain? Doesn’t it feel a little left behind? Well, not anymore because thanks to the new Brain Trainer your brain will keep in shape.

The new Brain Trainer is a hand held game, created to insure the growth of your brainpower. The games with which he is equipped activate your frontal cortex, the part of your brain that is responsible with you creativity, memory and communication.

Devised by a Japanese neuroscientist, this gadget contains a series of games in which you have to count, add, subtract and many more other things, and all things that you do, you have to do as fast as you can. Besides battling against the computer you can also battle against yourself through the timing of your each session and trying to decrease the period of time through which you finish the game. So if you ever find like your loosing brain power just hook up your Brain Trainer with a couple of triple A batteries and start working on it.

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