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Most Expensive Two-Way Speakers

one- and two-way speakers, speakers with only woofers or woofers and tweeters, don’t get a lot of love from the high-end audio industry. Once you’re spending big bucks on loudspeakers, it seems like you might as well go with three- or even four-way speakers. That hasn’t stopped Bowers & Wilkins from releasing their Signature Diamond two-way speaker system. At over $25,000, Signature Diamond loudspeakers are the most expensive two-way speakers in the world.

Created to celebrate the company’s forty year anniversary, the Signature Diamond speakers use cutting edge technologies to deliver clarity of sound beyond that of other two-way speakers. B&W has used Kevlar in their cones for over thirty years and the Signature Diamond system is no exception. Additionally, the Flowport is dimpled (like a golf ball) to reduce wind noise while a cushioned and isolated tweeter prevents vibrations from affecting high frequency output.

The world’s most expensive two-way speakers can be purchased at Bowers & Wilkins dealers in twenty states across the US, including California, New York and Texas.

Most Expensive Speakers

Wilson Audio, makers of high end audio systems such as MAXX, the WATT/Puppy System and Sophia, have combined and perfected the technologies utilized during the development of these systems into their flagship speaker system, the Alexandria X-2. Winner of the 2005 Soundstage! Edge of the Art award and the 2004 Ultra Audio Product of the Year, the X-2 is the most expensive speaker system in the world.

This expensive speaker system includes a 13” woofer, a 15” woofer, 2 midrange 7” speakers, a tweeter and a rear-firing super tweeter. They run on a minimum of 20 watts with 8-Ohms of impedance. They stand exactly 6 feet tall and weigh 750 lbs (1500 lbs total). They come in four colors, with eleven “upgrade” colors available to those willing to spend a little extra.

The X-2 may look like the X-1, but the similarity ends there. With Aspherical Group Delay and tracks with over 30 indents for each driver module, these expensive loudspeakers can deliver optimal performance to any position in any room.

So how much do the most expensive speakers in the world cost? You can own a pair of X-2s for $135,000 USD. This price includes installation, a process which every Wilson dealer has been specially trained to perform.

Most Expensive Luxury Home Entertainment Center

Would you settle for an enormous widescreen television and 7.1 surround sound system? What if you’re a sound engineer, producer and multimillionaire? Thus is the case with Jeremy Kipnis and the world’s most expensive home entertainment center.

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The audio portion of the system includes thirty-seven Snell and MuRata speakers attached to thirty-five Mark Levinson, McIntosh and Crown Audio amplifiers as well as thirteen Theta Digital surround sound processers. For video, Kipnis chose a professional-grade Sony video projector and an 18-by-10-foot laboratory-grade motion picture screen. He doesn’t need to worry about media formats, either; the multitude of players included in his system can play Blu-ray discs, HD DVDs, CDs, DVDs, Laserdiscs and even VHS tapes. In case that isn’t enough, there’s a SATA drive that holds 72 hours of HD footage and a PlayStation 3. There’s even a kind of swordfish-shaped model ship thing.

I don’t know what that is.

All told, the most expensive home entertainment center in the world set Mr. Kipnis back a mere $6 million. Considering the sheer number of devices that make up the system, I’d say that’s a bargain.

Most Expensive Refrigerator

If you’re one of the richest of the rich, your kitchen is no doubt full of expensive appliances for all your culinary needs—and that’s just the one you use to make your snacks. Unfortunately for you, it’s not yet complete if you don’t have the world’s most expensive refrigerator.

Northland, a 100-year-old provider of custom refrigerators, has really outdone itself with this 72” side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. It has a glass door and stainless steel wrap, features “daylight” interior lighting and easily cleaned glass shelves. The spacious fridge has a total capacity of 48.3 cubic feet.

So how much is the most expensive refrigerator in the world? At just under $11,000, you’ve no excuse NOT to buy this fancy refrigerator—unless you’re Joe Six-Pack, Joe the Plumber or Joe the Guy Who Writes Things on the Internet.

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Austrian luxury designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson, creator of one of the world’s most expensive cell phones, has broken new ground—sort of. Sure, there’s nothing new about the whole diamond-studded phone thing, but the iPhone Princess Plus has the distinction of being the world’s most expensive iPhone.

The expensive phone gets its name from the Princess cut used on 138 of the 318 diamonds on its surface. The Princess cut, popular since the 70s, is a square cut meant to emphasize the diamond’s fire. The cut also wastes less of the original diamond than any other cut and allows for greater mass—and therefore greater price—than a different cut with the same circumference.

The other 180 diamonds are brilliant-cut. In total, the phone has 17.75 carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold around its rim. All of the diamonds are of best quality.

For the (slightly) more price conscious consumer, Aloisson also offers a similar iPhone set only with brilliant-cut diamonds.
The most expensive iPhone in the world has a price tag of €120,000 ($176,400 USD). The “Brilliants only” version can be purchased for the more modest sum of €45,000 ($66,150 USD).

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“Blackie”, Eric Clapton’s favorite mid-career modified Strat has been surpassed in value and is no longer the most expensive guitar ever, despite that it was bought for $950,000 USD in 2004 by a guitar archaeologist. 

The latest most expensive electric guitar in the world dethroned its predecessor at an auction in Doha, Qatar on November 16th, 2005. The Strat was signed by several rock musicians to benefit a tsunami charity, ‘Reach out to Asia’. It was bought one year ago by Qatar’s royal family for a million dollars and donated back to the Asia Program, bringing in $2.7 million USD at the more recent auction, whose attendees included Former President Bill Clinton. Technically, the guitar has generated a total of $3.7 million USD, making it the most expensive guitar yet. 

Signees of this expensive electric guitar included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Mark Knopfler, Ray Davis, Liam Gallagher, Ronnie Wood, Tony Iommi, Angus & Malcolm Young, Paul McCartney, Sting, Ritchie Blackmore, Def Leppard, and Bryan Adams, the coordinator of the project.

Most Expensive MacBook Written by: Wahid polin

Apple’s MacBook laptop computers may have gotten off to a rocky start in 2006, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get rockier still. Of course, we’re not talking about random shutdowns anymore. No, this time the rocks are diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

Late last year, PowerMax introduced us to the gold-plated MacBook Pro. The 24k gold case, complete with diamond-studded Apple logo, housed a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU and could be purchased in 15.4” and 17” models. At $6499 and $7999, respectively, these are the most expensive MacBook Pros you can get your hands on.

The most expensive MacBook by far, though, is also one of the lightest. The new and extraordinarily thin MacBook Air, featuring a somewhat less powerful 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, has been given the Swarovski treatment and become ot only Apple’s most expensive laptop but also the gaudiest. The Golden Age MacBook Air is coated with 12,000 hand-set Swarovski crystals. These special lead crystals bring out the sparkle in the 24k gold plate that, once again, forms the laptop’s case. Only twenty of the expensive MacBook will be made and it takes about a week to place all those crystals by hand.

The world’s most expensive MacBook is given its crystal makeover by Bling My Thing, a company specializing in crystal customization. It can be purchased for £20,000 (nearly $40k USD) and debuted at CeBIT 2008.

Maple Phone

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Maybe you read about the Luxury Mpingo Phones from Gresso. They are made of African Blackwood, a very expensive material on the commercial timber market.
Now i want to present to you the Maple Phone from 2 designers that won Silver at the International Design Excellence Awards 2008 ( IDEA) competition for the Free Wind, best room air conditioner design.
Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee created a camera phone concept covered in thin wooden film, with touch sensitive buttons that light up through the housing when you touch the phone.

The cell phone measures 4.5 x 10.4 x 9.8 cm and is a slider with functions like calling, texting, MP3 player and digital camera. It provides basic cell phone functionalities in a cool and unique handset inspiring “special emotion” with its soft feel and a natural look.
The touch-sensitive sensors located in the back of the housing turn on the backlight, responding to your finger touch, bringing the wood to life. It would probably use the capacitive touch technology, which is a special panel coated with indium tin oxide or a similar material capable to conduct continuous electrical current across the sensor.
Maple’s LCD display reveals itself from back as you slide the phone.

This wood phone concept would be manufactured at lower costs and it’d surely be available at an affordable price, much lower than the 3500 Euro Gresso phones.
Other wood phones use special plastics instead of wood, both for the keep it green idea and for an easier manufacturing process.