Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Little ''MatchBook'' -Epoq

Another gorgeous by Epoq: just a little larger than a usual matchbook, this player has a 2,4″ QVGA LCD, 1 or 2 GB onboard memory, MiniSD slot and a pretty fast processor that can play AVIs at 25 frames/second. It even has an integrated speaker!
The features that this matchbook has are: 1 or 2 GB internal memory, MiniSD card, anti-scratch 320×240 LCD, a RockChip Processor, a built-in speaker and even FM radio( with up to 40 presets). Also, it sports sound/voice recorder and image viewer and e-book reader. The formats it supports are mp1, mp2, mp3, avi, bmp,wma, jpg and txt.

It has an integrate lithium battery that can be charged and an AC charger. It lasts for 3 hours of video or 8 hours of music. It can be bought at for 99,95$ (1GB) or 139,95$(2GB).

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