Saturday, November 29, 2008

Most Expensive MacBook Written by: Wahid polin

Apple’s MacBook laptop computers may have gotten off to a rocky start in 2006, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get rockier still. Of course, we’re not talking about random shutdowns anymore. No, this time the rocks are diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

Late last year, PowerMax introduced us to the gold-plated MacBook Pro. The 24k gold case, complete with diamond-studded Apple logo, housed a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU and could be purchased in 15.4” and 17” models. At $6499 and $7999, respectively, these are the most expensive MacBook Pros you can get your hands on.

The most expensive MacBook by far, though, is also one of the lightest. The new and extraordinarily thin MacBook Air, featuring a somewhat less powerful 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, has been given the Swarovski treatment and become ot only Apple’s most expensive laptop but also the gaudiest. The Golden Age MacBook Air is coated with 12,000 hand-set Swarovski crystals. These special lead crystals bring out the sparkle in the 24k gold plate that, once again, forms the laptop’s case. Only twenty of the expensive MacBook will be made and it takes about a week to place all those crystals by hand.

The world’s most expensive MacBook is given its crystal makeover by Bling My Thing, a company specializing in crystal customization. It can be purchased for £20,000 (nearly $40k USD) and debuted at CeBIT 2008.

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