Saturday, November 29, 2008

Most Expensive Two-Way Speakers

one- and two-way speakers, speakers with only woofers or woofers and tweeters, don’t get a lot of love from the high-end audio industry. Once you’re spending big bucks on loudspeakers, it seems like you might as well go with three- or even four-way speakers. That hasn’t stopped Bowers & Wilkins from releasing their Signature Diamond two-way speaker system. At over $25,000, Signature Diamond loudspeakers are the most expensive two-way speakers in the world.

Created to celebrate the company’s forty year anniversary, the Signature Diamond speakers use cutting edge technologies to deliver clarity of sound beyond that of other two-way speakers. B&W has used Kevlar in their cones for over thirty years and the Signature Diamond system is no exception. Additionally, the Flowport is dimpled (like a golf ball) to reduce wind noise while a cushioned and isolated tweeter prevents vibrations from affecting high frequency output.

The world’s most expensive two-way speakers can be purchased at Bowers & Wilkins dealers in twenty states across the US, including California, New York and Texas.

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