Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RegCleaner-4.3 -Tutorial

RegCleaner 4.3 is designed to clean the Windows registry of old and unneeded entries. RegCleaner 4.3 is the last version of the program that is available to use for free. You can use RegCleaner to remove not only registry entries but also shared files and shortcut files. Version 4.3 of the program is still available for download.


You can install RegCleaner 4.3 by first downloading the setup file to your desktop (see Resources). When you double-click on the file, the Installer window will appear. If you do not want a new start page or shortcuts added to your desktop, uncheck the top two boxes. The program unpacks the needed files and copies them to your system when you click the "Next" button after accepting the license agreement. When the files have been copied, you will see a shortcut on your desktop for RegCleaner.


    When the program is opened, you will see a row of tabs across the top of the program window. "Software," "Startup List" and "Uninstall Menu" are the three tabs that you will use the most. The Software tab lists all of the software currently installed on the system. Startup List displays all of the programs that load when Windows starts. Uninstall Menu displays all programs that can be removed through the "Add/Remove Programs" option in Windows. Items in the list can be removed manually by placing a check in the item and then clicking the "Remove Selected" button.

    Cleaning Options

    Within the Registry Cleanup selection there are various options that you can use to clean entries from the Windows registry. There are four options to choose from: "OLE Cleaner," "Orphan File Reference Finder," "Automatic Registry Cleaner" and "Do Them All." The "OLE Cleaner" option will clean unused and invalid object linking and embedding entries. The "Orphan File Reference Finder" option will remove registry entries that point to a file that no longer exists. The "Automatic Registry Cleaner" option will clean all registry entries that are possible to remove automatically. You can also select "Do Them All" to have the program automatically run each option.

    Cleaning the Registry

    You can clean the registry on your system by running the Automatic Registry Cleaner. This option is found by going to the Tools drop-down menu and then selecting the option for "Registry Cleanup." Click on "Automatic Registry Cleaner" to have the program scan and display a list of entries that you can delete. You can select items one at a time or go to the "Select" drop-down menu and choose "All" to select all items. Click the "Remove Selected" button to remove all checked items from the Windows registry.

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