Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sony Ericsson W660 Mobile Phone Review

A dazzling handset with a music talent. Outspokenly tech and sporty, Sony Ericsson’s Walkman Series have so far seemed intended to attract men. A Walkman handset could hardly be seen in a lady’s hand, let alone that of a fashion sensitive female user.
The phone is finished in red and gold, Red being the dominant color with highlights of gold on a few details like the stripe along the sides of the device, the navigation keys, and the Walkman logo. A wrist strap eyelet is placed at the bottom of the battery cover and the phone has another camera lens on the front, above the display. The earpiece is marked by three horizontally placed dots. Circles are a repetitive decoration element; most of the controls in these handsets are of a round shape.
W660 offers UMTS, but no EDGE. The phone also has a slower GPRS Class 10 to offer, but mobile data transfers have been improved.
The piece is totally music-centered and the 2-megapixel camera lacks autofocus, making close-ups and text a tough job to shoot. There’s no LED or xenon flash either. Image quality is also least impressive. At the same time the camera of Sony Ericsson W660 deserves a compliment for its rich setting options and extra functions. You get white balance, automatic insertion of data into the images, various effects, a self-release timer, etc. Images do not look burnt out; exposure is spot-on. Sony Ericsson W660 also shoots videos, although the resolution of 176 x 144 is not impressive by any means.
All in all , Sony Ericsson W660 brings no innovations; it’s the good old applications and functions, but with a facelift. From the point of view of conventional users, however, W660 scores brilliantly in all aspects, except for the absence of EDGE.

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