Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nokia Aeon: a Concept that Proves that the Nokia Design Team Really Exists

Just when we thought we will still get the same boring clamshell and candy-bar designs  
with no extraordinary stuff along with them, the Finnish research and development  
team from Nokia came up with this: the spectacular Nokia Aeon concept mobile phone that gave all the people that saw it on the R&D section of the Nokia website thrills of anticipation.

And for a good reason. Do you remember the BenQ Black Box, or the Synaptics Onyx Concept? Do you remember the things that crossed your mind the next second you saw them? I do and I had the exact same thought when I saw the Aeon. When will I be able just to hold it in my hand and play with it? 

The device, exactly like the BenQ concept phone, has a full touchscreen surface with, I hope, a dynamic application menu that changes according with the current feature displayed on the screen. Other details aren't possible to guess from the three pictures released by the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer on its website, but, the images taken at the testing site suggest that we might have the occasion, in our lifetime, to have this kind of Sci-Fi gadgets in our hands.

I just hope somebody up there, at the Nokia headquarters, still cares about the poor people that drool all over these pictures of touchscreen interface mobile phones and give a word to the production department to make us all happy! Go Nokia, go!

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