Friday, November 28, 2008

Gaming Mouse from Microsoft

As gamers you probably were daydreaming about the gaming mouse that is wires so that the cable would never bother you during your playing time. You should prepare to be astonished by the recent product offered by the Microsoft because the existed product offered is just meet your expectation which is the SideWinder X8 wires gaming mouse. You would soon realized in the first time you saw this devices whether the shape of the existed product is very match as a gaming mouse but the special ability of this devices is not only come from its shape but also its provided 2.4GHZ connection that would make it keep on moving and 4,000 dpi that would match Razer Lachesis.

This wires mouse is contains of laser technology called BlueTrack that would makes the gesture of mousing become smother and able to virtually in any kind of surface. If you are usually get difficulties in using a Lachesis during the firefight, you would never experience it again because the SideWinder X8 is decreasing the sensitivity of the movement and make it more confirm during your playing time.

This gadget is complete with 30 hour battery life and play-and charge cable in case you haven’t charge the mouse before playing. This Unique Gadget would be launched in February with $100 price tag.


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